Cellasto: The NVH Solution
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High-performance car components


BASF polyurethane offers a comprehensive packaged solution for automotive construction, with limitless shape and size creation. The result? Parts that deliver weight savings and world leading Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) suppression.

Learn how Cellasto® helps combat one of automotive engineering’s toughest challenges: effectively reducing noise, vibration and harshness in consumer, commercial and industrial vehicles.


Components such as engine covers, structural parts, filters, cables, consoles, steering wheels, gear lever knobs, handbrake handles and controls, wing mirrors and even the humble cup holder are all made from polyurethanes. Elastolit®, Elastoflex®, Elastofoam®, Elastollan® and Elastoskin® to be exact.


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If there is one solution every car manufacturer in the world agrees on it is Cellasto® .This microcellular polyurethane elastomer is used to create auxiliary springs, support bearings and chassis components. Its excellent characteristics ensure a reduction in NVH and a clear increase in comfort and road dynamics. BASF is the world leader in microcellular polyurethane components.


Tiny technology,
huge performance


BASF is the world leader in microcellular polyurethane components. Cellasto® is inside every second car manufactured in the world. In fact, nine out of ten carmakers use BASF spring aids.


Under the Cellasto brand, BASF develops, produces and distributes components from microcellular polyurethane elastomers that enhance driving comfort in the form of spring aids, coil spring isolators, and top mounts. Cellasto is not only more robust and durable, it also has superior physical properties when it comes to isolating vibrations from almost any source.


To overcome Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) in the automotive sector, Cellasto can selectively prevent the transmission of irritating vibrations into the chassis. Road safety and vehicle dynamics are not impaired.


Components designed to isolate the vibrations of the engine, chassis and body parts reduce the noise level and avoid bothersome vibrations. This means more driving pleasure and relaxed comfort with no loss of vehicle dynamics.


Use these links to learn more about specific Cellasto applications:


Spring Aids – the excellent physical properties of this micro-cellular polyurethane elastomer are particularly suitable for use as a dynamic, high-performance component in the chassis area
Learn More


Top Mounts – ensure better damping of the inherent wheel frequency with less absorption in the frequency range of human self-resonance
Learn More


Chassis Bearings – new axles designed with Cellasto components in mind save construction space and material for metal parts
Learn More


Spring Isolation – reduce resonance-related energy peaks, isolate body noise and reduce stress concentrations within adjacent components to prolong spring life
Learn More


Engine Roll Restrictors – bridge the gap between the required soft start in the early load stages and the progressive pressure/compression behavior under high loads
Learn More


Hydro Bearings – extend the usable life of hydro bearings without the changing component geometry
Learn More


Door Systems – absorb impact energy and reduces peak loads far better than compact elastomers
Learn More


Horizontal Seat Dampening – achieve the desired horizontal vibration isolation of the seat, both in longitudinal and transversal direction, without hydraulics
Learn More


Roll Restrictors – dampen vibrations, minimize resonances and reduce energy peaks with a soft bearing
Learn More


Emergency Wheels – the run-flat-tire developed especially for BMW by BASF Polyurethanes ensures a safe continuation of the journey, even in cases of destroyed and pressure-less tires
Learn More


Torsional Dampening – minimize the transmission of irritating vibrations into the steering wheel and improve torsional vibration behavior, without impairing directional stability and steering precision
Learn More


Body – Cab, Subframe, Mounts – enjoy a low degree of damping with small amplitudes and a high degree of damping with large amplitudes, as well as a low degree of stiffness and simultaneously high fatigue strength
Learn More


Transportation Case Studies


Automotive Interior Solutions_IMG2

Automotive Interior Solutions

In March 2010, Hyundai partnered with BASF to create a revolutionary i-flow car that not only cut fuel consumption and pollution, but also clear the way for greater interior and exterior design freedom, while enhancing comfort and safety.


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BASF Innovations: Shaking Up the Concrete Business

BASF helps find a solution for concrete mixing that has contributed to one of the biggest advances in the ready-mix industry since steel drums were first mounted on trucks


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BASF receives award for contribution to i-flow concept car

BASF has been granted the international environmental award OkoGlobe for the energy-efficient automotive industry solutions delivered by BASF in the "i-flow" concept car project.


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Daimler and BASF combine know-how in pioneering vehicle project

Jointly developed smart forvision concept vehicle has world premiere at the 2011 International Motor Show in Frankfurt


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Down in the dust or up with the winners?_IMG1

Down in the dust or up with the winners?

Cellasto helps take home the win for the de Rooy team, with its DAF trucks, equipped with 20 specially developed Cellasto suspension rings, which provided them with increased strength and endurance for the whole shock-absorber system.


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Dream team: the new Ford Taurus and Elastoskin._IMG1

Dream team: the new Ford Taurus and Elastoskin.

In an effort to re-introduce the Ford Taurus as a car that was all about luxury, craftsmanship and character, BASF helped redesign a door panel with the look and feel of genuine hand-stitched leather, to reignite the nostalgia of the original Ford Taurus.


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Driving technology forward_IMG1

Driving technology forward

For three decades, the BMW 3-series has been successful due to its smooth, comfortable drive. Thanks, in part, to Cellasto auxiliary springs and damper bearings leading to excellent and comfortable suspension.


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2012 Ford Focus

Ford, BASF Team Up with Auto Industry's First Castor Oil-Based Foam in the 2012 Focus

Ford and BASF team up to develop a sustainable, plant-sourced castor oil-based foam product for the 2012 Ford Focus instrument panel


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In the driver

In the driver's seat.

BASF and Hyundai Motors set out to produce seats with a new polyurethane system for 2010 Hyundai models. Work began in 2009, to develop the seat foam systems, and by May 2010, market share at Hyundai rocketed to 76 percent.


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Now You See it...Now You Don

Now You See it...Now You Don't

Ford and BASF team up to capture the very best in comfort, safety and power in the new Focus ST, with the use of Cellasto products for its chassis springs.


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Cellasto<sup><sup>®</sup></sup>: The NVH Solution

Cellasto®: The NVH Solution

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