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Wind is an important source for renewable energy. Wind turbines have become important generators for electricity. BASF is your global partner in innovative and high-quality products and solutions for the wind energy industry.


BASF is developing and supplying key products for the efficient manufacturing of modern wind turbines. Based on its long-term experience BASF additionally offers its expertise with regard to chemistry and application. With its top-quality products and services combined with high reliability BASF contributes to the making of various wind turbine components such as blades, base and tower.


Polyurethane foams and special polyurethane-based adhesives are completing the portfolio for the production of high-performance blades. Rotor blade coatings offer the highest weather-and corrosion resistance, excellent elongation - and tensile strength of break, and all this by the most cost-effective processing.


Part of that is the RELIUS Oldodur-Gelcoat-System, used for the extremely strained synthetic surfaces of the rotor blades. The system, (gel coat, putty, edge protection and topcoat) consists continuously out of solvent – free two-component polyurethane compounds and complies with VOC standards.


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Fast. Faster. COLO-FAST®

With the new COLO-FAST® PU moulding system, photovoltaic panels and solar collectors can be produced more quickly and cheaply and offer greater durability and flexibility


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KU Capabilities Brochure: Chemistry in daily life

Polyurethane solutions for daily life.


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