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Latest Case Studies


300 meters deep and 30 hours at a stretch — no problem for Trident_IMG1

300 meters deep and 30 hours at a stretch — no problem for Trident.

Huge progress has been made in many areas of subsea diving, and thanks to BASF, a new insulation system for diving bells can be added to the list, by developing the latest generation of glass-syntactic PU for the insulation of subsea equipment.


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A class of its own_IMG1

A class of its own

BASF and BMW partner to create a new high-quality, cost-compatible sprayed skin from Elastoskin, to meet the demand standards of interior design - used first on the BMW 5 series.


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A cool twist_img1

A cool twist: Polyurethane gel, comfort with a cool touch

The NA Polyurethane raw materials slab foam team put the fundamentals of chemistry to the test — and the result was a cool twist on an age old product.


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Amherst College

Amherst College

The New England-based facility specifies the WALLTITE® insulating air barrier system for its building envelope upgrade


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Autofroth® Polyurethane Foam Customer Success Story

Homebuilder Eric Habben builds an energy efficient home using thermocore Panel Systems SIPs, made with BASF's Autofroth insulation


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Automotive Interior Solutions_IMG2

Automotive Interior Solutions

In March 2010, Hyundai partnered with BASF to create a revolutionary i-flow car that not only cut fuel consumption and pollution, but also clear the way for greater interior and exterior design freedom, while enhancing comfort and safety.


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Training centre

BASF and Clinton Climate Initiative help Pennsylvania nonprofit retrofit green jobs training center

The Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) is to retrofit the training center's roof to the highest performance standards


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BASF Innovations: Shaking Up the Concrete Business

BASF helps find a solution for concrete mixing that has contributed to one of the biggest advances in the ready-mix industry since steel drums were first mounted on trucks


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BASF receives award for contribution to i-flow concept car

BASF has been granted the international environmental award OkoGlobe for the energy-efficient automotive industry solutions delivered by BASF in the "i-flow" concept car project.


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mike holmes

BASF: Making It Better, Mike Holmes

The famed television personality talks about why he specifies WALLTITE® or WALLTITE ECO™ for his renovation jobs


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Latest Downloads


BASF North America Headquarters and SPF Roofing

This profile looks at how Spray Polyurethane Foam roofing contributed to the new headquarter's LEED Double Platinum certification.


BASF Polyurethanes Global Construction

Chemistry creates versatility - Building with polyurethanes


Brand-new Elastopir® passes rigorous fire resistance tests

Composite panels manufactured with pentane-blown Elastopir rigid foam have successfully achieved both 30 and 60 minutes fire resistance when tested in accordance with EN 13501-2.


Chemistry Protects Sustainable Solutions for Roofing

BASF — The Chemical Company is the world's leading chemical company and a reliable partner of the construction industry. With high-quality products, innovative system solutions, and intelligent services, we provide the ideal combination of ecology and economy.


CosyPUR® Supersoft

Everything that makes our lives softer and more relaxing has been incorporated in the new CosyPUR® Supersoft: the result of the innovative vision of our product developers combined with our long-term expertise in the field of flexible foams, extensive testing and our comprehensive PU knowhow.


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Cellasto®: The NVH Solution

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