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How deep can polyurethane go?

BASF polyurethane has been installed at depths of 9,627 feet—the deepest sub-sea insulated flowline installed in the world to date. Even at those levels, it offers excellent temperature and hydrolysis resistance with very low water absorption.


How can thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) enhance durability of oil exploration cables?

Elastollan TPU offers high puncture resistance, long-term flexibility, low-temperature flexibility, microbial resistance, hydrolytic stability, resistance to weathering and color stability.


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How can thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) help me meet standards for mining cables?

When made from Elastollan TPU, mining cables can be certified by both the MSHA and UL. They also benefit from flex-fatigue resistance, long-term and low-temperature flexibility and hydrolytic stability.


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How does polyurethane improve durability?

BASF's custom-formulated rigid foams and glass sphere syntactic foams offer lower K-factor insulation, which is critical to maintaining oil flow with longer, more complex pipelines in deeper ocean environments. BASF cast and spray elastomers also improve pipe corrosion and abrasion resistance. For deep water applications, BASF offers a unique glass sphere syntactic foam that is capable of withstanding deep sea ocean pressure and higher oil temperatures while offering very low K-factor.



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