Rigid polyurethane foam systems


Autofroth specially formulated foam chemical systems take full advantage of the pressurized dispensing equipment\'s capabilities. Chemicals are produced in a broad range of rigid two-component formulations, each designed for specific application requirements.


These foams offer excellent flow characteristics and adhere readily to most substrates. The wide variety of available densities, properties and reactivity profiles make it possible to produce foam suitable for anything from light, thin cross-sections to heavy structural parts.


Markets and Applications

Renewable Energy


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Autofroth® Case Studies



Autofroth® Polyurethane Foam Customer Success Story

Homebuilder Eric Habben builds an energy efficient home using thermocore Panel Systems SIPs, made with BASF's Autofroth insulation


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Doing it right with polyurethane insulation_IMG1

Doing it right with polyurethane insulation.

BASF helped Palm Harbor Homes, a leading American builder of energy-efficient homes, to find a cost-effective method to optimize energy performance, using Autofroth Spray Polyurethane Foam System.


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Habben Home

A Nevada homebuilder uses Thermocore Panel Systems SIPs, made with BASF's Autofroth® insulation, to provide superior R-values in a challenging climate


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Elastopor® and Autofroth® Polyurethane Foam Systems For Insulation Sell Sheet

Benefits and Advantages of Elastopor® and Autofroth® Insulation Foams.


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