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Hot-cast elastomer systems


Elastocast® polyurethanes are two-component, custom-formulated, hot-cast elastomer systems. 


Processed at high temperatures (around 170°F), these polyurethanes display high-strength properties, while retaining elasticity. Their durability and resilience make hot-cast elastomers well-suited for demanding applications, such as bumper pads, coated conveyor belts, dead-blow hammers, drive belts, forklift tires and wheels.


Hot-cast elastomers can be submitted to load and can be compressed. Due to the combination of valuable properties, they bridge the gaps between plastics, rubbers and metals. Urethanes have the stiffness of plastics, the low coefficient friction of nylon, the low compression set of synthetic and natural rubber, and a higher impact resistance than most plastics—and even many metals.


Elastocast offers versatility and design freedom. The physical properties, cure profile and processing characteristics can be adjusted to meet a customer's specific requirements.



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