Dike and Coast Protector


Elastocoast is a bonding system that reinforces hydraulic gravel at their contact points by means of the two-component polyurethane. These coverings protect dikes by absorbing the force of breaking waves and reducing water velocity.


Elastocoast is porous for better wave absorption


This environmentally compatible material bonds the hydraulic gravel together, resulting in a monolithic, three-dimensional and stable structure. The small amount of polyurethane used ensures that the structure remains completely porous and the wave impact is far better absorbed. The result: a reduced wave run-up and a decreased potential for damage.


Furthermore, this new technology is more cost effective as a substantial amount of construction material is saved due to the high strength of the polyurethane. Elastocoast consists of approximately 50% renewable raw materials and was nominated for the BIOPLASTICS Award 2007 of the European Plastics News. Successfully realized reference projects performed on a total area of about 15,000 m2 shows that revetments reinforced with Elastocoast provide a fully approved alternative in the field of coastal protection structures, and that Elastocoast is on the right track to become an established technology.


The developments of new revetment systems are subject to various requirements. These requirements refer to the resistance against hydraulic impact but also to various interactions in the natural environment. In addition to the permanent attack of weathering, aspects of neutrality with regard to ecological toxicity or visual integration into the landscape are also very important.


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Elastocoast® Case Studies



Science around us: flexible covering protects imperiled dikes

Elastocoast® helps protect the shorelines of German states Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony from the forces of nature


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Stop Land Going Under_IMG1

Stop Land Going Under...With Elastocoast Over

In a world with ever increasing natural disasters involving floods, rising sea levels and powerful storms, BASF is working to protect people, animals and ecosystems in coastal regions around the world.


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The flood breaker_IMG1

The flood breaker

BASF teams up with Holland's water authority to protect two stretches of the North Sea coast with the polyurethane system Elastocoast. It's easily applied, effective against storms, and sustainably produced.


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