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Waterproof polyurethane coating system


Elastocoat polyurethane, polyureas and hybrid coatings are spray-applied and engineered to improve performance and protection of insulated panels, pipe, tank, other building and industrial/infrastructural surfaces. Elastocoat provides a new skin that offers high mechanical resilience and resistance against both chemical and climactic impact. It can be dyed any color and is completely wrinkle free, leaving a smooth and seamless surface. It is self-leveling and solvent free.   Depending on the application, the product can be custom-formulated to varied levels of durability, flexibility, and impact, corrosion and abrasion resistance. Elastocoat is processed using both low- and high-pressure units and can be made electrically conductive.




Markets and Applications

Renewable Energy


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Elastocoat® Case Studies


Training centre

BASF and Clinton Climate Initiative help Pennsylvania nonprofit retrofit green jobs training center

The Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) is to retrofit the training center's roof to the highest performance standards


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Islands of Recreation_IMG1

Islands of Recreation

Elastocoat C partners with Teuco to create the ultimate in spa relaxation, providing quality products for a world-class bathing experience.


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KATC TV, Lafayette

KATC TV, Lafayette

A television station in Louisiana retrofits its roof with ELASTOSPRAY® SPF


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Scope Arena

Scope Arena

The Norfolk Scope Arena's dramatic domed roof is recoated with ELASTOSPRAY® SPF roofing following renovations to install a new audio- and video-rigging infrastructure


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Elastocoat®: aqua stop

One of the most suitable materials for this task is Elastocoat the high tech polyurea of Elastogran. It is widely used throughout industries for surface protection, chemical resistance, crack-bridging, abrasion resistance and durability. Elastocoat can be sprayed as a seamless membrane even on extensive areas.


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