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Elastolit® D

Rigid integral systems


Along with Elastolit K, Elastolit D is an integral rigid foam and compact duromer system. Boasting a wide variety of properties, these polyurethane systems constitute high-quality, economic alternatives to classic construction materials such as wood and metal or thermosetting materials and engineering thermoplastics.


Featuring a sandwich-type structure—tight skin and microporous core—Elastolit D is ideally suited for manufacturing high-quality molded parts of high stiffness and low weight. As only low internal mold pressures are required, large-format parts can be produced economically. Reinforcements can be integrated as well as force-introducing components.


Likewise, complex 3D parts with long flow paths and filigree sections can be produced with high precision. Elastolit also achieves good temperature and sound insulation levels. On request Elastolit D can be supplied as an easy mould-release and flame-proof grade complying with a variety of standards (UL 94, DIN 5510).


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Elastolit® D Case Studies


Pensioner outing or speed racing?_IMG1

Pensioner outing or speed racing?

When it comes to sailing, high-quality products produce the desired wind, waves and speed craved by many. Thanks to BASF high-tech battens, it's now easier than ever.


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The light runner_IMG1

The light runner

The experts at ELASTOGRAN were consulted in order to implement the carbon fibre-reinforced PU component to turn the Geneva motor show 2007 prototype of the Artega into a motor-racing approved sports car, for everyday use.


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