Elastollan® 800 Series

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomers (TPU)


The polyester-based Elastollan 800 Series is designed primarily for the extrusion of film and sheet applications, and features excellent transparency and the ability to meet a number of specific certifications.


It also is formulated to succeed in applications that require:

    Thermal stability
    Abrasion resistance
    Oil/fuel resistance




Shore Hardness (A) ASTM D-2240 Specific Gravity (g/cm3) ASTM D-792 Tensile Strength (psi, MPa) ASTM D-412 Tensile Stress @ 100% Elongation (psi, MPa) ASTM D-412 Elongation @ Break % ASTM D-412 Tear Strength (lb/in, N/mm) ASTM D-624, Die C Abrasion Loss DIN 53516 (mm3) MSDS
78 1.20 4900, 34 670, 4.6 630 540, 92 42 MSDS
87 [1] 1.21 [2] 6526 [3], 45 [3]   600 [3] 485 [4], 85 [4] 35 [5] MSDS
94 1.22 7250, 50   550 685, 120 45 MSDS


Markets and Applications


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Elastollan® 800 Series Case Studies


If you want to go full speed down the piste_IMG1

If you want to go full speed down the piste, you might also want to know what you are standing on — regardless of whether it is a board or skis

BASF helps ski and snowboard companies showcase their brands to endure the roughest of conditions, with the use of Elastollan.


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Sole mates_IMG1

Sole mates

Timberland PRO shoe experts team up with BASF to strive for the very best in the highly competitive market of hotel work shoes, to ensure an extra-long life, unbeatable comfort, and outstanding slip-resistant shoe for absolute reliability and speed in serving guests.


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The Best Thing Before The Shot...Is The Goal Afterwards_IMG1

The Best Thing Before The Shot...Is The Goal Afterwards

Soccer players sporting Adidas footwear now have an even greater chance of scoring, with help from a TPU layer in the sole's "All Clear" element, allowing personalized specifications for maximum success on the field.


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The middle class car..._IMG1

The middle class car...

Improving the new VW Golf VI by covering the centre console in a thermoplastic polyurethane, BASF helped take the Golf VI from an average, middle class car, to a car which is styled well above average.


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