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Elastopan® S Proflite

Polyurethane foam for footwear systems


Elastopan® S Proflite is a polyurethane system developed for the manufacture of lightweight midsoles for safety shoes. Based on a special formulation, this easy-to- use product offers outstanding advantages in terms of production and technical characteristics:

    Density of sole from 0,36 to 0,42
    Excellent flowing properties so the sole can be molded with complex designs
    High hydrolysis resistance
    Good bonding performance to TPU/PU/Rubber
    Unique reaction profile: long cream time, short demolding time
    Good processability and mold filling
    Suitable for antistatic and ESD(1) shoes
    IMR Technology (Internal Mold Release) that reduces the need for external release agents by 60%


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Elastopan® S Proflite Case Studies


A cool twist_img1

A cool twist: Polyurethane gel, comfort with a cool touch

The NA Polyurethane raw materials slab foam team put the fundamentals of chemistry to the test — and the result was a cool twist on an age old product.


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