Rigid Polyurethane Foam System


Elastopor is a closed-cell polyurethane rigid foam used in a wide range of thermal insulation applications due to its excellent insulation properties.


Rigid polyurethane foam boasts extremely low thermal conductivity levels matched by no other conventional insulant. Good mechanical and physical properties and excellent adhesion mean the material has a wide range of applications. The ability of the Elastopor to flow through and adhere to complex shapes and surfaces provides a freedom of design as well as complete insulation, even in unconventional straight angles, and long, thin designs. Elastopor systems are available in densities ranging from 2 pcf to 25 pcf.


An important element in construction

Elastopor systems are a significant component of composite (multi-layer) construction elements such as Insulated Metal Panels, Structural Insulated Panels, or other sandwich panels. Doors, garage doors, and shutters are also produced with an insulating PU core. These metal composite elements can be manufactured using a continuous twin belt and intermittent press.


Elastopor insulation elements with flexible facers (e.g. aluminum, paper) are used in residential construction for sloping, flat-roof and floor insulation. Elastopor’s excellent mechanical properties enable it to also be used in areas subject to weight and force such as parking decks, terraces and roof gardens.


More efficient insulation in refrigeration

Elastopor products are also used in the insulation of refrigerators and freezers. In the early 1990’s BASF patented and launched cyclopentane on the market as an environmental blowing agent for these applications. This foaming technology is now established throughout the world. The latest polyol grades for Elastopor now achieve the highest insulating quality and productivity.


Insulation in extreme conditions

Pipe insulation for long distance pipelines for oil and gas transportation is another application for Elastopor, offering resistance to high temperatures, durability, good insulating properties and simple processing methods. Special flame-proof Elastopor grades are used in the production of insulated pipes for use in the chemical industry.


Markets and Applications

Oil and Gas


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