Elastoskin® I/S


Elastoskin® is an aromatic PU sprayed skin (Elastoskin® S) or RIM skin (Elastoskin® I) for high-quality vehicle interior fittings that are pleasant to the touch-a 100% solid, two-component system-that is mixed before the spray nozzle, where upon it immediately begins to react.


Used in instrument and door panels of an increasing vehicular range, it costs less than PVC or other skin materials and is well positioned to be a good alternative in the process for surface creation and decoration in the automotive industry.



    Soft touch, a pleasant feel and a high-quality appearance for car interiors
    Suitable for use in the mold temperature range between 70°C and 90°C
    Good adhesion to paint (IMC: in-mold coating)
    Ease of demolding
    Low emission values of less than 100ppm VOC or less than 250 ppm FOG to VDA278, fogging values of less than one milligram and the odor score of 3.0 in accordance with the relevant VDA standard 270
    Uniform skin thickness resulting from the good flow properties of the material
    Good adhesion to the semi-rigid foam after the foam backing process
    Styling freedom, due to possibility of multicolored design and because very small radii can be implemented
    Low waste in trimming
    Short remolding times


Markets and Applications


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Elastoskin® I/S Case Studies


A class of its own_IMG1

A class of its own

BASF and BMW partner to create a new high-quality, cost-compatible sprayed skin from Elastoskin, to meet the demand standards of interior design - used first on the BMW 5 series.


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Automotive Interior Solutions_IMG2

Automotive Interior Solutions

In March 2010, Hyundai partnered with BASF to create a revolutionary i-flow car that not only cut fuel consumption and pollution, but also clear the way for greater interior and exterior design freedom, while enhancing comfort and safety.


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Dream team: the new Ford Taurus and Elastoskin._IMG1

Dream team: the new Ford Taurus and Elastoskin.

In an effort to re-introduce the Ford Taurus as a car that was all about luxury, craftsmanship and character, BASF helped redesign a door panel with the look and feel of genuine hand-stitched leather, to reignite the nostalgia of the original Ford Taurus.


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Skin Tight:_IMG2

Skin Tight: The new Mercedes SLK has become the first model to use a polyurethane-moulded skin in series production

The second generation Mercedes SLK has new advantages and improvements in processing, visual appearance, texture, fogging and emissions, with help from PU-moulded skin Elastoskin.


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The new BMW GT — beautiful inside and out_IMG1

The new BMW GT — beautiful inside and out

The new BMW Gran Turismo required an interior product that allowed unlimited freedom in design, but would also the elegance inside, to enhance the total driving experience. Elastoskin was the obvious selection - for its creative possibilities, and advantages in processing it offers.


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