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Elasturan® HP

Hot-cast elastomer


Hot-cast elastomer Elasturan® HP is a new PUR system developed to provide an efficient material for manufacturing specialised parts for high-load industrial applications where reliability and durability are essential. These include heavy-load rollers, industrial track rollers, gaskets and insulation elements. It can also be applied in other heavy-use moulded parts such as conveyor belt production, where its durability and reliability keeps production lines running.


Elasturan HP doesn\'t buckle, is incredibly versatile, and in contrast to other industry \'hard stuffs\', needs no license. Elasturan also guarantees the best dynamic resilience, highest mechanical stability, extremely low friction levels, low distortion and excellent flexibility.


It is also able to withstand the high tonnage, rough ground surfaces and \'round-the-clock\' use of the agriculture, logistics and transport industries.


Product formulations


Compatible to ROHS standards, with excellent energy absorption, Elasturan® C1280 and Elasturan® C6966 have found applications in computer mouse pads, bicycle saddles and furniture armrest.


Also used for the production of soft elastomer materials applied in sockliners, Elasturan® C6963 is self-adhesive, with a strong adherence to any software, providing softness and comfort. This product is commonly used in shoe accessories and anti-slip pads.


When used as skate wheels in sports equipment, Elasturan® C6989 and Elasturan® C1080 are distinguished by their non-MOCA base, with a high transparency and high resilience and good abrasion resistance. Their application is widespread in inline skate wheels, scooter wheels and skateball wheels.


Elasturan® C6967 is the core material in bowling balls, chosen for its excellent anti-impact properties and durability.


6 specific formulations in the Elasturan® HP family.

Product Name Category Applications
Elasturan® 6060 Cold-cast elastomer House and Home
Elasturan® 6010 Cold-cast elastomer
Elasturan® 6020 Cold-cast elastomer
Elasturan® 6050 Cold-cast elastomer House and Home
Elasturan® 6040 Cold-cast elastomer Transportation
Elasturan® 6030 Cold-cast elastomer Transportation


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