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Now You See it...Now You Don't


Ford and BASF team up to capture the very best in comfort, safety and power in the new Focus ST, with the use of Cellasto products for its chassis springs.



With the new Focus ST, Ford has given wings to its champion, which flies at lightening speed, yet always remains firmly stuck to the road — thanks to its Cellasto additional chassis springs


In order to keep the sporty dads on our streets lusting after the luscious 320 Nm of torque in the new Ford Focus ST, its creators have packed in everything you need to take you from 0-60mph in under 6.8 seconds and then back to a standstill after 37 metres: a 2.5 litre, 5-cylinder turbocharged engine with 255 horsepower and 6,000rpm, a 6-speed quick-change gearbox and a sports chassis. Its dual exhaust pipes are equally at home on the track.


As we have already said, the concept of the hot hatch is power, drive and sportiness. The pleasant extras, which have not been forgotten, are comfort and safety. There is a fine and carefully thought-out balance between agility and the best travel features. A primary part of this is a chassis which swallows up whatever the driver throws at it, from rumble strips to sporty cornering. Here, Ford is just as uncompromising as with all the other parts: only absolute quality makes it through, otherwise nothing. ELASTOGRAN components, such as Cellasto® additional springs have always met these high standards — with many other cars as well.


Ford always gives 100% to every detail. And that is exactly what they do at ELASTOGRAN too


Ford has rigorous demands, even for small details which the customer never sees. That is why they chose to use additional chassis springs made from polyurethane elastomers. And they come from ELASTOGRAN. Cellasto springs have simply outstanding qualities and features. Together with the service offered by ELASTOGRAN's experts, these components guarantee that Ford chassis react safely and predictably in every situation. After all, Ford built up its reputation around outstanding chassis technology. The Cellasto spring's main role is dampening oscillation, thus smoothing progression to spring deflection of the movement in the end position of travel.


So little space for so much protection. Cellasto fits in any slot in the chassis


In order to provide the necessary dynamic, however, it is important how and when these chassis springs are inserted. Cellasto springs made from microcell polyurethane elastomers have the advantage of being able to be inserted into even the smallest designed space. The material is volume compressible, which means there is only a small amount of lateral strain during compression. In this way, you save space whilst at the same time improving performance — and road vibrations and noise are easily absorbed. The result is a more comfortable ride with fewer vibrations transmitted from the chassis to the cabin and less noise from the vibrating body. And in order to improve comfort, wherever possible Cellasto damping elements are used, which have now been tested on various Ford models and are ready for production on some Jaguar ranges. So why not rev up the 225 horsepower of the Focus ST and enjoy everyone's jealous looks?


Cellasto — Facts

Material:   Cellasto® — microcellular polyurethane elastomers
Application:   spring aids for vibration damping; top mounts for vibration insulation
Properties:   volume compressible, absorbs noise and vibrations, to be used in confined spaces, long service-life, economical, improves driving comfort and dynamic
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