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Pluracol® Rigid Polyols



The rigid family of Pluracol® Polyols is charaterized by functionalities of 4.0 or greater. Rigid Pluracol® polyols are designed for improved compatibility with blowing agents and isocyanates across the spectrum of low, medium, and high-density foam applications. BASF’s rigid polyols are commonly used with polymeric MDI to manufacture conventional and polyisocyananurate foams with fast shot-times, good flow, and dimensional stability.


Rigid Polyols

Nom. Func. OH No. (avg.) Nom. MW. Viscosity cps @ 25C Initiator EO cap Acid No. (max.) Na&K ppm (max.) MSDS
Pluracol 922
4 500 445 17200 amine Yes - - MSDS
Pluracol 735
4 450 500 5500 amine Yes - - MSDS
Pluracol 736
4 390 550 14500 sugar None - - MSDS
Pluracol 824
4 390 570 10500 amine Yes - - MSDS
Pluracol SG-360
4.5 368 610 3500 sugar/gly None - - MSDS


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