Because of the performance, durability and versatility of polyurethane materials, it is no surprise that our aromatic isocyanates and our polyols are the main building blocks in many products that surround us every day. As a matter of fact, our basic polyurethane chemicals can be found in applications as diverse as:

  • Industrial coatings.
  • Waterproofing coatings for concrete.
  • Adhesives for automotive, construction, packaging and general assembly.
  • Construction Sealants
  • Rigid foam insulation and spray foam.
  • Packaging foam.
  • Hydrophilic foam.
  • Rubber crumb binders for athletic tracks, playgrounds and molded products.
  • Hard elastomers (e.g. wheels).
  • Soft or microcellular elastomers.
  • Truck bed liners.
  • Gel pads for comfort and pressure relief in medical fields.
  • TPU.

With such a variety of applications, and with new uses constantly being developed, it is easy to realize that one size does not fit all when it comes to polyurethane raw materials for the CASE segment. Formulators need access to a large selection of isocyanate blends, derivatives and prepolymers, as well as polyols covering a full range functionalities, molecular weights and reactivity to create unique products for their respective fields.

At BASF, we understand this necessity, and, for this reason, we pride ourselves in offering one of the most comprehensive portfolios of CASE polyurethane raw materials in the industry. Our catalogue includes standard and specialty grades of aromatic isocyanates and polyether polyols (conventional and graft) that complement each other and offer to formulators the right tools to fine tune the properties of their systems and formulations. And if the right material does not already exist, our technical teams stand ready to create it, helping our customers taking their ideas and innovations to the next level.

By combining the breadth of our product portfolio with our innovative mindset, with investments in our plants, and with a dedicated technical service group focused on helping our customers with the safe and optimal use of polyurethane chemicals, our CASE team is all about delivering solutions that support the success of our CASE customers and the growth of your business.

Common Products by Market and Application

1K Primers 5310, 5020, 5230
Automotive M20, TF2115
Packaging/Laminating M, MI, M20, 5143
Polyurea 5060, 5080, 5380
Spray MI, M20, 5080, 5090, 5143, 5380
Tanks and Pipes M10, M20, 5143, 5380
Floor M, MI, M10, M20, LP30, T80
Gaskets MP102, 5040, 5050
Transportation M, MI, M10, M20, LP30, 5143, 234, T80
Tanks and Pipes MI, M20, MM103, 5080, 5143, T80
Adhesives and Binders
Concrete M20, 230, 234, 255, 266
Construction M, MI, M10, M20, 81
Foundry Core M20, M70L, 78, 266
Hot Melt M, MI, LP27, LP30
Packaging/Laminating M10, M20, MM103, MP102, 234, 5090
Rubber Crumb Binders M, MI, 223, 5020, 5230, 5310
Transportation M10, M20, 234, T80
Clear Elastomers MP102
Soft Elastomers MM103, MP102, 5030, 5050, 5070, 5143
Hard Elastomers M20
High Abrasion Elastomers 5030, 5070, 5090
Low Temperature Stable Kits 5080, 5090, 5143

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