While polymeric MDI (PMDI) is already well-known in the production of engineered wood products for the advantages that it brings to the OSB manufacturing process. Isocyanates have also demonstrated improvements in performance and productivity when used for MDF, while also supporting CARB compliance by being a non-added formaldehyde binder.

Successful implementation of PMDI at MDF mills however requires a clear understanding of the key parameters to consider for best-in-class production of MDF with isocyanates as a binder. How to minimize binder use? How to increase line speed? How to prevent build-up or avoid poor vertical density profiles?

Our wood binder technical team is well aware of these considerations. With our expertise in both PMDI chemistry and MDF plant operations, we have been able to help our customers address these issues, achieve faster line speeds to the tune of 15% to 20%, and innovate with injection methods and additives use to prevent production concerns. Better, faster and cost-effective is how several of our customers have summarized their experience with PMDI in their MDF mills. Please contact our conversion team to find out more.

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