Flexible Polyurethane Foam Components
Flexible Polyurethane Foam Components

Check out BASF’s product offerings in the flexible foam industry. Our Lupranate® and Pluracol® product lines are used in Slab and Molded foam applications. To learn more about BASF’s product offerings reach out to your BASF Account Manager or Contact us.

Basics of Polyurethanes

Meet isocyanates and polyols, the building blocks of polyurethane chemistry.

Safety Of Polyurethanes

At BASF, we stand behind our environmental, health and safe philosophy, and believe that nothing is more important. Learn more about the safe handling of our polyurethane raw materials.

Troubleshooting Polyurethane Formulations

BASF offers more than just your raw materials. We value our partnerships with our customers. Watch our video to learn what troubleshooting means to BASF.