Because of the chemical bonds that polymeric MDI (PMDI) creates between wood particles compared to resin systems that only form mechanical bonds, PMDI-bonded particle board is known for offering moisture resistance, low swelling, and strength, and allowing low resin dosage and productivity gains. PMDI-based binder is also formaldehyde-free and therefore inherently compliant with CARB regulations. As a result, interest in PMDI for particle board has been growing over the years, with numerous plants worldwide now relying on isocyanate technology as their primary binder system.

Leveraging the benefits of PMDI however requires more than a drop-in replacement of the binder system. Adjustments to press parameters are often needed to achieve optimal binder dosage and a faster production, both with multi-opening and continuous operations. Training and technical support is also recommended for safe handing of PMDI products.

With an expertise that covers PMDI chemistry, as well as the manufacturing process of particle board, and the use of ancillary products (catalysts, release agents and other additives), our technical service and conversion team is in a unique position to assist your with your transition to PMDI binders, and with the optimization of your production lines. Please contact us to learn more about the use of PMDI as a binder for particle board.

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