In the next 30 years, global agriculture must increase its output to feed a growing population expected to exceed 9.8 billion people by 2050. State, county and local ordinances have begun to regulate nutrient applications and/or require products designed to minimize nutrient loss and pollution. An emerging and rapidly growing segment of the fertilizer market, controlled release fertilizers (CRFs) does just that.

Controlled release fertilizer (CRF) technology provides a shell on the fertilizer substrate that gradually releases nutrients into the soil through a semi-permeable coating that prevents dissolution while allowing nutrients to flow outward through the polymer. BASF has improved upon existing market offerings by developing a patented polyurethane coating using MDI and polyether polyols containing an internal catalyst for controlled release of nutrients. The release rate can be adjusted via the thickness of the coating, offering the opportunity to our customers (fertilizer producers and coaters) to create their own customized products marketed under their own brand.

Our products and services for controlled release fertilizers include:

  • Dedicated commercial and technical resources supporting a robust product development pipeline.
  • Expertise in coating multiple fertilizer substrates.
  • Field technical support and troubleshooting of coating application issues.
  • Raw material availability to fertilizer companies using proprietary CRF technologies.

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