The new BMW GT — beautiful inside and out_IMG1The new BMW GT — beautiful inside and out_IMG2

The new BMW GT — beautiful inside and out


The new BMW Gran Turismo required an interior product that allowed unlimited freedom in design, but would also the elegance inside, to enhance the total driving experience. Elastoskin was the obvious selection - for its creative possibilities, and advantages in processing it offers.


Clearly, in manufacturing the finest cars it is essential to use the very best materials that are available. In designing the interior of its new Gran Turismo, BMW opted for Elastoskin¨ spray skin from ELASTOGRAN because of the creative possibilities and processing advantages it offers.


The Elastoskin PU system gives almost unlimited freedom in design, while the outstanding material properties give enormous versatility during manufacture. One very special advantage of the Elastoskin spray skin is its particularly pleasant feel. In addition, its soft feel to the touch and performance under pressure meet the strictest criteria and provide a pleasant yet hardwearing surface.


This overall quality is supported by the foam backing which uses the PU semi-rigid system, Elastoflex¨ E. The multi-layered structure of the IMC, or In Mould Coating, spray skin allows for contours to be presented more distinctly and is the perfect choice for a vehicle of this refinement.


Like many prestige cars on the market today, the new BMW Gran Turismo has Elastoskin in its interior to enhance the total driving experience

A top class interior for a top class car


In addition to its aesthetic qualities, Elastoskin was also chosen because of its very good demouldability, high resistance to ageing and the fact that it can reproduce an exact image of outlines. Moreover, colour shading and the integration of additional construction units into the spraying process are also possible.


WhatÕs more, with the ELASTOGRAN PU system, reactivity can be adjusted accurately and the operating behaviour of the material can be controlled in the tool. This is how a blanketed, even skin thickness is achieved.


When it comes to surface technology for instrument panels, ELASTOGRAN has much to offer. Not just because of our efficient manufacturing, long product lifespan and the outstanding surface quality of Elastoskin. But also thanks to our in-depth knowledge, the considerable experience of our researchers and application technicians, and our close proximity to customers and understanding of their requirements.

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