BASF Innovations: Shaking Up the Concrete Business


Recently, a leading U.S. manufacturer of heavy equipment trucks came to BASF with a problem: how to improve the materials and process for manufacturing new composite concrete mixing drums while also reducing costs. BASF's polyurethane experts immediately went to work on a solution that has accelerated one of the biggest advances in the ready mix industry since steel drums were first mounted on trucks.


Finding the Perfect Mix of Strength and Weight


To help reduce concrete adhesion and improve strength, BASF engineers reformulated to a unique high performance elastomer that improved the drum performance dramatically. BASF is also working on improvements of the shell construction to increase strength further, reduce weight and increase the branding potential for the drums on the road. The advantages, when compared with the customer's earlier composite prototypes (not to mention conventional steel drums), have proved to be considerable, including:


    Less Weight
    The new composite drums are a full 2,000 lbs. lighter than comparable 3/16" AR steel drums.
    Larger Capacity
    With a unique, aerodynamic design, the new drum can carry an additional half-yard of payload each trip. Depending on business volume, that can mean moving 200 to 500 extra yards per truck per year.
    Longer Life Cycles
    Incredibly strong, these composite drums are showing up to 67% longer life cycles than their steel counterparts. They're highly abrasion resistant. And as composites, they virtually eliminate corrosion problems.
    Improved Mixing Performance
    With dual fin spiral design and auto reversing fin action, the composite drums have proven under real world conditions to load and unload payloads faster than standard drums. In fact, discharging within seconds of the rate of pavers, as certified by TMMB.
    Quieter Operations
    These drums reduced noise during both wet and dry batch operations and during pouring. This can mean earlier starts, longer work schedules and friendlier neighborhood relations.
    Added Time and Cost Savings
    A lighter drum means lower curb weight and projected fuel savings up to $400 per truck annually. BASF's anti-buildup fin technology also promotes faster cleanups.


What Shape Will Yours Take?


To find out more about how BASF polyurethanes can be used to make your products lighter, stronger and more durable, contact a BASF application specialist.