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BASF: Making It Better, Mike Holmes


The famed television personality talks about why he specifies WALLTITE® or WALLTITE ECO™ for his renovation jobs


When a home renovation goes completely wrong in the hands of another contractor, Mike Holmes is left with no choice but to rebuild the house from the ground up. This provides an opportunity to make a statement about the value of eco-friendly structures and their durability. And he chooses WALLTITE® or WALLTITE ECOTM from BASF for the job.


    The industry: Construction
    The challenge:Rebuild a home from the ground up with an eco-friendly design that is built to last
    The solution: WALLTITE® polyurethane insulation products


The Customer Few home renovation television personalities have garnered the respect and credibility of Mike Holmes. Watched in seven countries, television program is proof of his Make it Right™ philosophy. His team addresses and corrects poor workmanship and renovations gone wrong, replacing uninhabitable living spaces with safe, built-to-last homes.


The Challenge When homeowners Christina and Joe turned to Mike Holmes for help on their house – rendered uninhabitable by an unsafe and flawed renovation – he knew he had to help. “I’ve never ever seen a job so bad in my life,” says Holmes. While he is known for redoing renovations gone wrong, this was the first case where it was more prudent for his team to tear down the entire house and rebuild from the ground up rather than try to fix each individual problem.


"Not only were doors hung upside down and windows hung on their sides, there were irreparable structural problems," recalls Holmes.


"The footings under the addition were poorly done or, worse, non-existent. The point loads weren’t properly supported. There was a huge weight of masonry resting on inadequate and incorrect framing. The list goes on and on.”


The First Steps But, from challenge also springs opportunity. Rather than simply rebuild the home as it was before the renovation, Holmes proposed creating the kind of home he would ideally like to build: energy efficient, environmentally sensitive, resistant to fire, water and mould, and designed to last. Christina and Joe agreed with the plan. And Holmes found volunteers, donors and corporate sponsors to get the project underway.


The Solution Creating an energy-efficient home his way, Holmes knew, would require the use of innovative top-grade products. As an advocate of eco-friendly construction, he’d used many of these products in previous projects. Christina and Joe’s new home would be a chance to pull all these ideas and products together into one structure.


“To my mind,” Holmes says, “the perfect eco-friendly house would have an on-demand tankless hot water heater, in-floor radiant heating, solar-assist electricity and hot water heating, a living roof, a grey water-recycling system, light emitting diode (LED) lighting and geothermal heating.” Many of these features would find their way into the new home.


As for insulation, Holmes’ eco-efficient, durable solution was WALLTITE® from BASF. Holmes started using WALLTITE products 5 years ago and has been impressed ever since. “It was very clear, after using WALLTITE a couple of times, that it was the best possible insulation on the market – no question.”


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