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The flood breaker


BASF teams up with Holland's water authority to protect two stretches of the North Sea coast with the polyurethane system Elastocoast. It's easily applied, effective against storms, and sustainably produced.



Efficient, safe, economical — coastal protection with Elastocoast is gaining ground in even more countries.


Here's the most recent example: two projects in Holland. You may remember that Elastocoast® is a dual-component plastic consisting of 60 percent sustainably produced raw materials. It can be processed easily and applied quickly and simply. Gravel or ballast is stirred together on site with the fluid polyurethane components, so that the plastic forms a thin, transparent film around the stones. The mixture can then immediately be poured out and fixed in place. And there you are!


The effect is astonishing — as can now be seen in Holland. There, in collaboration with the Dutch Rijkswaterstaat (water authority) two stretches of the North Sea coast were reinforced at the end of 2007 with the polyurethane system Elastocoast.


A coastal area in Oosterschelde, south of Rotterdam, was stabilised with three layers of different thicknesses. Even the thinnest layer of 10 cm kept the winter storms effectively at bay. The second project was undertaken in Petten. Here too, the PU coastal protection system made full use of its advantages: quick, uncomplicated processing, and stable and stress-resistant bank protection construction.


Elastocoast has shown, once again, that the right idea is all you need to resist the highest tides.


On the move with GO!

New shoes, new fashions, new technologies — our new magazine GO! has it all.


Things are moving forward fast with GO! — ELASTOGRAN's international shoe newsletter. And from May onwards, you will be able to read all our latest developments.


Elastopan® Keep Walking is a new sole system with excellent durability and maximum hydrolysis resistance for all shoe types, from leisure shoes to safety shoes, sports shoes and running shoes. And Elastopan® Climate Control is state-of-the-art sole technology.


We'll also bring you information about the ELASTOGRAN design competition for young shoe designers, take a trip to Istanbul to visit our colleagues at the Turkish system-house, report on the Nanja Footwear Technology Center in China, inspect preparations for international trade fairs such as the SIMAC 2008 in Bologna, and tell you how ELASTOGRAN is contributing to the forthcoming European football championship. So you can look forward to an expert run-down of everything that is important to your industry.


Lupranol BALANCE gets the green light


Rheinland's technical monitoring association (TÜV) has given the green light to Lupranol BALANCE.


Lupranol BALANCE is officially a green product. The new soft foam polyols from ELASTOGRAN not only have outstanding product properties, their main constituents can be made from sustainably cultivated raw materials such as castor oil. Rheinland's technical monitoring association (TÜV) has now confirmed their ecological viability. In a comprehensive analysis, the sustainability of conventional polyols was compared with polyols derived from sustainably cultivated raw materials. For this purpose, the whole life of the product was analysed in a detailed life-cycle inventory, impact assessment, and evaluation of costs, energy and raw materials consumption as well us toxicity and risk potential. The study results were crystal clear: using Lupranol BALANCE for mattress foams has definite advantages for the environment and the climate. It's the kind of endorsement that means you can sleep soundly at night.


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