The second best thing in the world becomes even more relaxing

The second best thing in the world becomes even more relaxing


BASF helps develop the most comfortable and hygienic material for you to get a great night's sleep. BASF and ELASTOGRAN improve not only the mattresses physical features, but also work to reduce emissions.


Calling all dreamers, late risers, teddy bears and sleeping beauties: getting up has now become even harder, thanks to ELASTOGRAN's new flexible block foams

When did you last wake up and think irritably: "Time to buy a new mattress!" All too often we go to bed hoping to fall into a deep relaxing sleep and instead wake up with back pain or tension. As well as, somehow, the feeling that the block of foam and springs youÕve been sleeping on is not only too hard, itÕs also unhygienic.


In fact, the key to a great night's sleep has been around for a long time. The latest generation is called Lupranol® 4600 and Lupranol® 4800 N: guaranteed the most comfortable and hygienic material on which to sleep. Once again, the goal of the BASF and ELASTOGRAN team was not only to improve the physical features and manufacturing process of the product, but also to reduce emissions, so that the day begins in the healthiest, freshest way possible. It was this aim which shaped the development of the new, unbelievably relaxing block foams. The solution: a totally new generation of grafted polyols. These are "stable dispersions of styrolacrylinitril-plastic particles in polyetherolene". Or Ð for the not quite so awake Ð tiny, ball-shaped parts of plastic, which give the new block foam more stability, elasticity, firmness and comfort.


Maybe it's just as well you've never seen inside your old mattress


Lupranol® 4600 and Lupranol® 4800 N used the very latest technologies in production. This meant the viscosity of the polyols, an important processing criterion, could be improved significantly. The new process has reduced emissions even more. The remaining monomer content of styrol and acrylnitril of under 5ppm, and the amine-free stabilization, set yet another new standard for emissions Ð and for the competition.


Our new technologies mean it's become possible to produce low-emission foams which not only meet the most demanding inspection certificates, such as Oekotex-Standard 100 for baby mattresses, but which also guarantee restful nights for everyone who, until now, could only dream of them.

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