Pluracol® 2029/1 Innovation Story
Pluracol® 2029/1 Innovation Story

Click to learn about the development of Pluracol® 2029/1.To receive your Pluracol® 2029/1 polyol sample or another polyurethane raw material in our portfolio, please reach out to your BASF account representative or visit our Contact Page.

MDI Inauguration Feb 2021

Celebration of the completion of Phase 1 of the BASF MDI plant expansion in Geismar, Louisiana

Basics of Polyurethanes

Meet isocyanates and polyols, the building blocks of polyurethane chemistry.


To place orders for MDI, TDI and polyether polyols in the North American region, please contact our customer care team at 877-297-3322 or via email at

Most technical data sheets (TDS) and safety data sheets (SDS) for basic polyurethane chemicals sold in North America are accessible directly on the Products page of this website. If a specific product is not listed, it may be because the product has been discontinued, is subject to confidentiality requirements or is available only in other regions. Please use our General Contact Form to inquire about isocyanates or polyols not be listed on our product page.

Polyurethanes are polymers formed from the chemical reaction between polyisocyanates (molecules with two or more -NCO functional groups, such as MDI or TDI) and polyols (molecules of with two or more -OH functional group). Once the reaction occurs, it forms a safe, durable and versatile material with properties designed to meet the requirements of the specific end-use that the material was created for.