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Polymeric-MDI (PMDI) is a brown, temperature-stable liquid. PMDI contains a mixture of polyaromatic isocyanates including 2-ring (MMDI), 3-ring, and higher species. As the amount of 3-ring and higher species increases, the functionality and viscosity of the PMDI also increase.


Polymeric MDI (PMDI)

Appearance % NCO Acid No. Nominal Funct. Viscosity cps @ 77°F Storage Temp. (°F) Attributes and Applications MSDS
Lupranate M10
Low Funct. Polymeric
Light brown liquid 31.7   2.2 60 77-86 Core polymeric MDI for adhesives and binders, also foams and cast systems MSDS
Lupranate R2500U
Polymeric MDI Variant
Brown liquid 31.5   2.7 190 68-86 PMDI with carefully controlled reactivity and isomer ratio MSDS
Lupranate M20
Mid-Functionality Polymeric
Light brown liquid 31.5   2.7 200 59-95 Industry standard: cast elastomers, binders, rigid foams, and spray systems with cost effective, highly functional formulations. MSDS
Lupranate M20FB
Mid-Functionality Polymeric
Dark brown liquid 31.5   2.7 200 59-95 PMDI for wood binder applications MSDS
Lupranate M70L
High-Functionality Polymeric
Dark brown liquid 31.0   2.8 700 59-86 Higher functional PMDI for rigid foam applications MSDS


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Lupranate® Core PMDI Product Line Case Studies


Deep, Deep Down_IMG1

Deep, Deep Down

The "Pengins Project", is the exceptionally challenging process of continuously extracting crude oil deposits from the English North Sea territory. ELASTOGRAN took on the challenge to develop made-to-measure, off-shore pipe insulation for the Penguins pipelines, through focused know-how and the benefit of vast experience.


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Heavenly Pleasure_IMG1

Heavenly Pleasure

For 35 years, himolla and BASF have worked to establish and create one of the most well-known, high-quality furniture brands in Europe. Inside each of their individually ordered pieces, is always Elastoflex foam, from Elastogran.


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Noblesse oblige_IMG1

Noblesse oblige

BASF and Ingelligent engineering partnered up in London to improve the legendary Ascot racecourse, to create modern, light-weigh, high load-capacity stands for spectators to enjoy the horse races.


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Now You See it...Now You Don

Now You See it...Now You Don't

Ford and BASF team up to capture the very best in comfort, safety and power in the new Focus ST, with the use of Cellasto products for its chassis springs.


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SPS Sandwich Plate System Keeping high and dry_IMG2

SPS Sandwich Plate System Keeping High and Dry

Using the Sandwich Plate System, BASF is working to revolutionize shipbuilding, by replacing the conventional steel construction, with just two steel plates filled with liquid polyurethane, reducing corrosion and making them more resistant to mechanical stress.


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